How to Write a Sportsbook Article

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A Good Hook for a Sports Article

Start your sports article with an exciting lead paragraph to grab the reader’s attention and entice them to read more. This paragraph should contain the most relevant information and make your readers want to keep reading.

Develop a Sports Story

Developing a sports story is an important skill for any writer, whether you’re covering a local game or a major event such as the World Series or U.S. Open.
A good sports story captures the excitement and emotion of a game, while presenting objective statistics about the players and teams involved. A sports story can be written in the form of a news report or a feature article.

The most important aspect of a sports story is the headline. The headline is the first thing that a reader will see when reading your article. It should compel the reader to read the rest of your article, and it should include an interesting angle or topic.

Advance Story

A sports story that focuses on the future of a team, coach or player can be an excellent way to generate interest and make your writing stand out from the competition. Your story might be about how the coach will win his 300th game, how to replace a star player who’s injured or how to get the most out of an underperforming team.

Feature Stories

Feature articles are usually more in-depth than news reports. Unlike a news story, a feature story should focus on a person or group, and the author should bring color to their writing to keep readers engaged.

Personality Features

Unlike a news story, a human interest feature will focus on a single character or figure that is unique and interesting. A profile of a colorful coach or star quarterback might focus on his personality and the team’s success.

Season Previews or Wrap-Ups

A sports writer might file a season preview or wrap-up at the beginning of spring training and then a best/worst summary after the season is over. These types of features can be particularly useful for readers who have not been following the game closely, or who are new to the sport.