Why Designer?

A designer is a person who creates the structures, plans and designs for everything starting from the simplest materials to the most complicated technological systems. A designer does this by drawing up the first blueprint or model of an object so that it can be analyzed according to its nature and specifications. Designing deals with the creative aspects of human beings and also applies to things manufactured by human hands. It is not just an artist but also an engineer who have the necessary skills and knowledge to design something very special. The term designer covers everything that is used in the process of designing something starting from the sketching to the final construction.

To understand how important it is for every website or any type of business to have a good design, you will first have to know what a designer actually is. A good designer is a person who is skilled enough in using several graphic designing tools like sketching, CAD, Photoshop, and some other software so that he/she can create a visual idea or map of every project. There are many designers who need to specialize in one or more specific areas of website designing. While many designers make regular applications of these tools and keep them as a tool to add creativity and color to their designs, there are others who only use these tools for specific purposes like conceptualizing a new website layout or concept or for testing the usability of the website before launching it on the internet.

Some designers also decide to break away from the conventional uses of these tools and use innovative ways to come up with a visual idea that is highly functional and highly attractive. In fact there are many web designers who have moved on completely from the traditional methods of designing a website to the modern methods of motion graphics designer and social media designer. If you look at the history of website designing you will see that there were many instances where people had to go to great pains to come up with a concept or a layout for a website or a logo or even to put up a collection of images to use on the site.

In today’s age things have become much simpler because we have the computer and the World Wide Web to help us in almost everything we want to achieve. But it does not mean that designers work less. In fact they work even harder because now they need to use their skills with technology to bring out a concept in a unique way and make it highly appealing so that more people visit the site and stay longer. The designers work hard to conceptualize a new idea and to put it up on the Internet for people to view.

Motion graphics or 3D animation are another area where very talented designers are working. They are creative enough to draw something that could only be conceived by using a computer program and a little creativity and the knowledge about how to put it on the Internet. You can find designers who are working on digital products like e-books and other digital downloads that people download from the Internet to make their lives easier. Designers work on all sorts of motion graphics like video games, fashion designer clothes and all sorts of machines etc.

One field that is growing very fast is the computer graphic designing. Designers working on computers use programs to draw all sorts of complex pictures. Computer graphic design encompasses all sorts of things like web designing, logo designing, computer generated images, clip arts, movie making etc. A computer graphic designer can become a freelancer or he/she can work with a company as a designer. It is very difficult to break into this field but if you have the talent for it and if you have the right skills then you will certainly make a lot of money in a very short period of time.